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How It All Started

I'm an Active Duty Army Officer with a passion for Woodworking.

My Grandfather and Uncle are master craftsman with unperilled talent. Being raised around the two men I look up to and respect the most, it was only a matter of time before woodworking became a passion of my own. This started later in life for me which I believe makes me appreciate the craft even more. 

In 2016 Campfire Woodworks was established. We were newly stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado and in need of a dining room set. My wife has always had way more faith in my abilities than I ever have. She was confident that I could build a Restoration Hardware farm-style table and bench clone. I had very limited tools for this project, but we tackled it together as a family. My dad even flew out and helped us get going on it. Long story short, this table is still in our house today. It serves as the first piece of furniture we ever built and is a reminder of where the journey started. This set is featured in the portfolio tab on the top of the page.  The dining room table build fueled my passion and I began building smaller projects as a hobbyist woodworker selling on Etsy. 

Why Campfire Woodworks? Think about any instance when you have sat around a campfire. The flames draw your attention and the atmosphere it creates inspires a sense of community and engagement with the people you are around. My family and I love staring at the fire, telling stories, and creating new memories. My goal is for our products to the same in your home. Statement pieces that draw your attention, generate conversation, and facilitate lasting memories for generations to come. 

Thank you for visiting and supporting our small family business. 

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